Keep your home safe with an outdoor solar security camera

When it comes to buying an outdoor solar security camera there are plenty on the market, but you have to consider a few key design features before making a choice.


Make sure that you get a camera suited to being outside, so it needs to be water and dust proof. A good idea would be to consider using an outdoor camera in parts of your home that are often open to the natural elements like a covered patio, lapa, garage or workshop. Solar powered cameras are also great devices to consider, especially during load shedding.

Image quality

No point in using a camera that gives poor quality footage! An image/video resolution of 1080p or higher provides enough detail to spot differences in facial features, what clothes they are wearing and clearly portray their actions. A 1080p resolution looks good on computer screens and TV screens so you don't have to monitor off your smartphone’s small screen.

Storage capacity

If your camera has no internal storage or a WIFI link to the cloud, you need to rethink about the model you want to buy. A local storage capacity of 32 GB or higher (preferably on an SD card or USB stick) gives you the space you need to record a couple of weeks' worth of video footage. Remember the higher the camera resolution the bigger the storage capacity you will need.

Mobile app

A mobile app is the easiest way to control your outdoor security cam. You can view your video footage, get important notification and adjust settings at the touch of your screen. It also gives you access to useful features, smart home controls and sharing camera access with your family.

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