O-BUSTER Oxygen Absorber FT 30

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O-BUSTER Oxygen Absorber FT 30

  • (1 bag = 250 sachets) Food Preserver
  • O-BUSTER Oxygen Absorber
  • O-BUSTER is More Cost Effective and Efficient at Maintaining Freshness than Conventional Methods such as Vacuum Packing and Gas Flushing
  • O-BUSTER is certified by the Japan Food Research Laboratories & is FDA approved
  • Sealed Vacuum Package: includes 250 Oxygen Absorber Sachets
  • 30cc Oxygen Absorber Capacity
  • Recognized Worldwide as The Best Oxygen Absorber of its Kind
  • When used Correctly, it helps Protect Packaged Foods and other Products against Spoilage, Mold Growth, Discoloration, Rancidity and loss of Nutritive Value
  • Made of Non-Toxic Materials Safe for Use


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