Mecer 1Kw 25.6V 50Ah Lithium Battery Inverter Trolley

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Mecer 1kVA 1kW 25.6V 50Ah Lithium Battery Mobile Inverter with MPPT Controller

What are the Benefits?
Backup Power: One of the main benefits of using an inverter trolley at home is that it can
provide backup power in case of a power outage.

Noise-Free Operation: Inverter trolleys are typically quiet and do not produce any noise
or fumes, unlike generators that run on fuel.

Cost-Effective: Inverter trolleys can be a cost-effective solution for backup power
compared to generators that require fuel and maintenance. They are also more efficient,
meaning they can provide more power for a longer period of time on the same amount of
battery power.

Easy to Install and Use: Inverter trolleys are easy to install and use, and most come with
user-friendly interfaces and monitoring systems that allow you to monitor battery voltage, power output, and other parameters.

Not sure which inverter is right for you read our article on "what size inverter do I need?"


Pure sine wave output

2000 cycles lifePO4 battery

Mains supply mode, Battery mode

5V DC USB 2.0 ports

12V DC output ports

MPPT solar charge controller

Over charge protection as well as over discharge protection

Intelligent exhaust fan

Technical Specification

Rated Power: 1 000VA / 1 000W


Voltage range: 140 - 275V

Mains charging current: 10A

Frequency Range: 45-65Hz


Voltage: 230V AC

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Output wave form: Pure Sine Wave


Battery Voltage: 25.6V DC

Battery capacity: 1X 50Ah

  • Battery cycle life: 2 000 Cycles @ DOD 80%
  • Solar Charger
  • Solar Charge Type: MPPT
  • Maximum PV Array Power: 840W
  • Number of MPPTs: 1
  • MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage: 35 - 100V DC
  • Maximum Solar Charge Current: 30A (Max)
  • Floating Charge Voltage: 28.4V DC
  • DC Output
  • Low Voltage Recovery: 26.8V DC
  • Low Voltage Protection: 22.4V DC
  • 5V DC USB Output: 2 Pcs 5V DC, USB 2.0, Max 2A
  • 12V DC Output Ports: 2 Pcs Max 2A

 Package size W X D X H (mm): 52 X 27 X 47 Weight 31kg

Warranty: 12 Months on Manufacture Defects 


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