The wonders of a good product warranty

No matter what you are buying everyone wants added value. It makes the purchase more emotionally satisfying – no matter who you are and what you are buying.

Often when it comes to essential purchases such as laptops/notebooks for work purposes paying attention to details of the warranty can make a good purchase into a great one.

Depending on the product range warranty details are now prominently displayed and can be easily interpreted – simply look for a sticker like the one pictured below to get the core information you need.

At Razorbill Goods, one of our best product warranties is the Omni ONEWARRANTY which is available when purchasing the Dynabook C50-J-10W notebook. It is valid for 12 months from date of purchase and offers a free full service, from repair collection and delivery.

Remember that as a customer you have the right to speak with your service and product provider which products have the best warranties so you can make the more informed purchases and get the best value for money with your purchases.

If you would like to find out more about what warranties we have available with our notebooks please feel free to contact us at Razorbill Goods at!

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